• Zach Haney

Group aims to save Menninger Clock Tower

Topeka, KS - Preserving an iconic part of Kansas’ history is the mission of Save The Menninger Clock Tower. A new group being formed to ensure the clock tower remains standing and becomes a vibrant part of Topeka’s community.

“We don’t want to see this piece of Kansas history erased.” - Organizer of the group Zach Haney said.

The group believes by saving the clock tower they are helping keep the uniqueness that makes Topeka what it is today.

“A historical landmark like Menninger’s Clock Tower has seen a lot of history throughout the years. The building has witnessed the highs and lows of our community. It tells a story and it would be a huge loss if our community couldn’t hear it.” Haney said.

Buildings like Menninger’s Clock Tower have a rich history and architectural features which have long disappeared from the modern landscape of buildings being built today. The group hopes to bring interest to the building through its website and social media pages.

Haney is also working with Emily Cowan from Together the two are collaborating on ideas to save the building. The ultimate goal would be to find an investor who has the resources to fund a renovation of the building. Those interested in helping save the clock tower are asked to sign up on the website at ​​.

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